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Turn Shipping into a Competitive Advantage

Are you attending the SUN Conference or are you an Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) customer who ships? You're in the right spot.


Pacejet is an award winning enterprise shipping platform and we help customers get the right shipments to the right places more quickly, easily, and cost effectively than ever before.


More Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) users trust Pacejet to optimize their order fulfillment than any other solution.


And the SyteLine and Pacejet shipping software platform is the only complete cloud-based shipping application available on the market today.

Are you shipping? Don't miss our session

You can't afford to miss our session on You are Definitely (NOT) Getting the Best Shipping Rates with Karen Stainbrook, VP of Operations at Pacejet. She'll walk you through how leading companies use Pacejet's cloud-based shipping software to gain valuable insights from their shipping data and use it to fuel business growth. 

This is a great opportunity to learn from Karen on February 28th at 11:30am in the Maverick room. Her depth of knowledge on both Pacejet and SyteLine make this definitely worth staying till the end of the last day!

Learn how to make the best carrier decisions and make shippers more efficient so that you can reduce costs and get more shipments out the door each day.

If you can't make the session, meet us in the Expo Hall!

Join Pacejet's Karen Stainbrook and Bill Marshall in the SUN Expo Hall at Booth #21 to discuss what businesses need to consider when integrating a shipping solution with their ERP. Hear stories about how customers like Syntron reduced shipping costs and streamlined operations using Pacejet.

With Pacejet, you can easily ship anything to anyone, anywhere, at the best price, from the dashboard of the ERP you’re already using (or getting ready to start using!) Come talk to us to learn more, watch the video below for a general overview, or visit pacejet.com/syteline for more information.



Shipping can be a difference maker

When customers choose Pacejet shipping software, they know they will get the right shipments to the right places more quickly, easily, and cost effectively than ever before.

Our network includes almost every major parcel, freight, LTL and 3PL carrier – and you can shop all of them from one screen. Our cloud-based omnichannel shipping software platform is designed to natively integrate with the ERP you use for everything else.

That means no more time wasted scrambling between multiple ecommerce shipping sites. No more expensive mistakes resulting from departments and systems that can’t talk to each other. No more wondering whether or not you’re getting the best price for your shipping.

Better Shipping

Pacejet provides one user interface for all parcel and freight carriers while integrating to SyteLine, WMS solutions, and other apps for freight quotes, rate shopping, packing, paperwork, labels, exports, and more —all without multiple applications or websites.

Amazonification of the Universe

Comply with Amazon Seller Fullfilled Prime's stringent requirements, like shipping 98.5% of orders on-time, while keeping your inventory in your own locations. Having the Amazon Prime badge drives up sales by as much as 20%, which can mean a big revenue boost for growing businesses.

Growth Through Innovation

Just as customers expect quick and easy shipping in the United States, SyteLine customers are challenged to meet the same expectations internationally. Pacejet began a new partnership with UPS i-parcel, helping companies achieve faster international ecommerce sales growth. Learn more about carrier solutions.


Transform Operations

Flexibility is key as businesses expand their shipping capabilities. Pacejet’s RESTful API allows customers to create custom apps to achieve business goals. Pacejet’s API has helped customize ERP solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, top internet retailers, and fast-growing manufacturers.