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Share Pacejet ShipOptics with your team

Uncover business opportunities your shipping data with ShipOptics. Our shipping scorecards will provide your business a competitive advantage by highlighting metrics around your shipments. With ShipOptics as a part of your Pacejet integration, you will receive a variety of reports directly in your email inbox.


We’ve created an easier way to view and digest your data on a monthly basis that will help you solve shipping problems and make strategic carrier decisions. View data around the science of enterprise shipping for your business including these key metrics on our ShipOpticsTM scorecards:

  • Total number of shipments over the prior month
  • Shipment costs vs. shipment savings
  • Amount of override shipments
  • Shipment quote savings
  • Stats per carrier
  • Itemized savings per shipment
  • ERP error or update audits daily

Want to make better shipping decisions?