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Compare actual shipping costs to invoices with Pacejet Freight Auditing

Pacejet's Freight Auditing software automates your shipping records and allows for seamless import of your carrier invoices.  Eliminate errors by combining your shipping data to determine mistakes in shipping costs, accuracy in pricing, and to confirm refunds. 


Reduce your shipping costs and eliminate carrier invoicing errors by matching the details in your carrier invoices with your actual shipment data records. 

Technology sifts through thousands of carrier invoices

Tighten accuracy of shipping invoice payments by having visibility into your actual shipping data, as well as your carrier invoices, in one system. Confirm refunds by having the access you need to match invoice periods to confirm credits for late shipments or other types of refund situations. 

Use Pacejet's Freight Bill Audit software to sift through your invoices to uncover hidden cost savings and ultimately save your business money without huge margins charged by outside vendors.

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