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CMP Corporation streamlines operations and saves money with Pacejet

As the leader in HVAC production and parts internationally, CMP Corporation ships to about 3,000 clients in over 95 countries. As their business grows, their shipping strategy becomes even more important.



They pride themselves on fast, efficient shipping as part of their business' mission which is to "execute excellence" and adding Pacejet to their NetSuite ERP, is an easy way to improve their customer experience, save money, and streamline operations. 

A few of the business benefits that CMP Corporation is seeing with Pacejet: 

  • Reduced labor time by 6 hours on average per day with Pacejet
  • Reduced manual data entry time and related errors 
  • Able to negotiate carrier rates in the first month 
  • Rate shopped at the sales and quoting stages
  • Allowed visibility to multiple team members at once
  • Automated printing of shipping labels and paperwork for all carriers

These are just some of the ways that Pacejet has helped CMP Corporation ship better. Learn how Pacejet can help your business by downloading our case study or speaking with our sales team at info@pacejet.com 

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