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Selling on Amazon? Integrate with Pacejet and leverage Seller Fulfilled Prime

If you are selling through Amazon and not integrating it with Pacejet, you are losing out. 

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You probably know that items on Amazon marked Prime sell more often. So why not leverage your inventory in fulfillment locations for a boost in sales?

If you want to stay Prime Eligible, one of the most important jobs is getting your orders out the door on time.

That's why you need Pacejet's Seller Fulfilled Prime shipping integration via Amazon Marketplace Web Service.

We provide shipping integration between your ERP and Amazon to make fulfillment and compliance faster, easier, and more automated.

This is a great opportunity to turn on a new regional or specialty carrier you've been curious about, or add that LTL or 3PL to view potential savings against your current rates.

Contact us today and we'll help you grow your business and increase efficiency through your use of Pacejet and Amazon.

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